Today, The Mattera Group, under the control of John A. Mattera filed a lawsuit in federal court in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (0:17-cv-60199) against Environmental Packaging Technologies,Inc (EPT), a Houston based shipping and logistics company and the family office of The Elas D. Prince Living Trust, EDP, Management Co. They and several others named in the lawsuit are responsible for pushing the investment into EPT using fraudulent financials to entice investors and delivering absolutely nothing in return after receipt of the funds. Mattera wired almost a half a million dollars directly to EPT and EDP at the direction of EPT’s controlling shareholder, Elsa D. Prince-Broekhuizen and her President, Robert Haveman.

EDP Management Co (EDP), acted under the Presidency of Robert Haveman, and at the supervision of its owner, Elsa D. Prince-Broekhuizen for almost 19 years and he was tasked with the responsibility of investing the US$1.68 billion dollar Elsa D. Prince Living Trust. Haveman was recently sentenced to 4 1/2 years if prison for embezzling in excess of US$16 million dollars and causing more than US$50 million dollars in poor to fraudulent investments to the family office, EDP which is based out of Holland, Michigan.

It is alleged that Haveman, as EDP’s President, solicited Mattera and other unsuspecting investors and family offices into investing into what he called “GREAT DEALS EDP IS IN THEM TOO” which in reality turned out to be bad EDP investments he had previously made . He was seeking additional either direct to the investment or indirect to offset the EDP losses. He peddled companies fake financial statements prepared by PRINCE INDUSTRIES ex-CFO, Bill Beckman, who served as EPT’s CFO and several other companies identified in the lawsuit. Haveman with his position of clout guided Mattera’s family money to EPT directly, to EDP and even his own personal account to offset their losses, delivered absolutely nothing in return for their unjust enrichment.

EPT’s control and single largest debt holder at the time was at the hands of Elsa D. Prince and her President, Robert Haveman. The Mattera family is owed in excess of US$3 million dollars in this action and there is another action just behind this one in excess of US$30 million dollars.


About The Mattera Group: TMG is tasked with the chore of freeing its family leader and clearing his name by bringing the truth to the courts and the public. It serves as the collection arm of the Mattera family in which many individuals and corporations are indebted to the family and its companies. There are approximately 11 additional lawsuit in the process of being drafted and filed in which account for over US$100M in direct moneys due the family and over US$1B dollars in related damages.

Mr. Mattera’s directions are clear, it’s first and foremost obligation is to the victims of the tragedy that put him behind bars unlawfully. His acceptance of that responsibility has never faltered as it was under his watch that allowed this notorious cast of characters to wreak havoc on his life and others.

About John A. Mattera is currently incarcerated for his guilty plea in an action in which he now has a Motion to reduce or vacate his sentence (16-civ-783 rjs) based on a slew of prosecutorial violations, civil rights violations, grossly escalated and incorrect compilation of the damages associated with the case which alone will result in a sentence reduction and immediate release, and the blatant incompetence of his attorney, Carl Schoeppl of Boca Raton, Florida.

Mr. Mattera, with the help of many over the past four years uncovered that he was entrapped by a very sophisticated network of predatory criminal confidential informants who break the laws of this country and step in our civil liberties as a matter of doing daily business to support their high lifestyle, all with the blessing of this federal government. They find their targets), usually someone of financial means, talk them into investing into companies that completely pass the due diligence of any sophisticated investor, take their money, invite them “IN” to participate with that venture or other new ventures until things heat up when they have to claim foul to their government handlers and gain an indictment to cover their tracks.

From the onset of the relationship with the investors, they manufacture evidence, do all the wrong things on purpose and manipulate the press after indictments to secure a conviction of the unsuspecting investor which in turn pays down their own debt to the US government. Along the way, they take in hundreds of other investors money under that very same scam and blame it all on their initial target.

Mattera and over 300 shareholders are in the process of pressing charges this next month and began with complaints to the Office of Inspector General in Washington D.C. as to right this wrong to citizens not only of the USA, but the UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. They are sure there are more to be added as this gang has been globetrotting for almost 15 years.

What you can do: If you have any additional information or you want to be added to the EPT lawsuit above as you have been defrauded by EDP and its President Robert Haveman or if you have anything to ad about the upcoming suits against the rogue government informants: Bradford Van Siclen of New Jersey, Patrick J. Lochrie of Saudi Arabia, David Caruthers of the UK, and more to come:

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