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The Mattera Group (TMG) has been formed to disseminate the truth in the case of the United States of America vs. John A. Mattera, Bradford Van Siclen, John G. Hartley, et al.

TMG’s purpose is to expose the individuals involved in the deliberate sabotage of private citizens in the US and several other countries, achieved by the infiltration of the professional and/or personal networks of wealthy individuals and then engaging in systematic frauds wherein they do all the wrong things on purpose, swindle investors of millions of dollars, and arrange the downfall of the unsuspecting target in order to gain an indictment and conviction, thus ‘justifying’ their ‘investigations’ – all at the behest of and with the blessings of the United States government. These individuals are government employees, confidential informants, or paid operatives for the FBI, Treasury, Security and Exchange Commission, Internal Revenue Service, US Customs and other agencies whose aim is to entrap wealthy targets, manufacture incriminating evidence, act as witnesses against their target, and steal millions of dollars worth of money and assets from their target and investors. They money is then laundered through their extensive web of government-operated companies, gifted to the CI’s or used to entrap and reverse sting future victims.

Four years of research has uncovered how the US government has allowed these unlawful and despicable acts to continue, and that the US Attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York, and other districts, has full knowledge of these illegal activities yet continues to allow them to operate so long as the confidential informants continue to bring them high net worth indictments. The crimes committed by the CI’s are not prosecuted, or are forgiven once indicted.

These individuals use fake, government run, publically traded companies with falsified Edgar filings to swindle wealthy investors out of their money, and to ‘purchase’ legitimate companies with no intent to pay, leaving a trail of financial destruction in their wake. They enjoy lavish lifestyles funded by their frauds until the time comes to throw their victims to the authorities and move on to the next scam. They have done this over many years, with the full knowledge and blessing of the US government. They have stolen from hundreds, possibly thousands, of citizens of the USA, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, China, Thailand, and many other nations. Their activities go back at least as far as August 6, 2001, when they set up a charity to benefit from 9/11, and stole millions from the donations. TMG is dedicated to bringing true justice to those involved, and to repair damages done to their victims.